Need a way to indicate if the submission is an issue that is preventing a purchase.

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Need a way for suggestion submitters—and upvoters— to indicate if the submission is an issue that is holding them back from buying, because of either a bug or crucial missing feature.

Something simple, maybe just a checkbox to indicate “This is preventing me from making a purchase today” or words to that effect.

This indication would be seen only by the business.

This way, only the business can see that this is a feature holding this user back from buying (or holding them back from upgrading their account, or converting from free to paid, or what have you).

Also, as people are upvoting, after they upvote, maybe a checkbox or something appears allowing people to also chime in that yeah, this thing is preventing me from buying today. Then, if there's a way to capture the contact info of this upvoter at this point, so much the better.

Because, yes, vote tally is important, but feature suggestions that drive revenue are more important.

Under consideration Suggested by: Ken Wallace Upvoted: 28 May Comments: 0

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