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### Formatting
I would like to use Feature Upvote as a way to share details about features with customers and get their votes. As such, I would love to have formatting to:
* make ordered and unordered lists of benefits or possibilities in the feature
* divide the feature explanation into sections with headers and sub-headers
* add links to the help docs or product page after a feature is complete (
* possibly add multiple images, screenshots, etc. of the feature as it progresses

### Usage model
I suppose the usage model currently focused on with Feature Upvote is just a way for users to suggest and vote on features amongst themselves with some management by the company. I would like to make it more of a roadmap product where I could list each feature and provide detailed information about it, while still giving users the ability to submit their own. But when they do, I would then clean it up to a proper feature entry over time.

Under consideration Suggested by: Jacob Wright Upvoted: 31 Mar Comments: 6

Comments: 6

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