Include shortened versions of suggestion URLs for easier copy/pasting elsewhere

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I've made a separate suggestion here to add a button to easily copy the link to a suggestion:

...But while writing that suggestion (and look at how long that URL is), it occurred to me that such a button would ideally also find a way to shorten that URL. This would be useful in in chat/social media applications with character limits.

I've discovered that removing the question title from the URL and leaving just the question ID after "suggestions/" (i.e., with or without the final slash) still works as a link to the suggestion. Perhaps the URL could be shortened further? For instance, "/suggestions/" could be shortened to "/s/". And perhaps there could even be a shortened version of the "" domain?

Anyway, however you implement it, this would be nice to have (alongside the linked idea).

Under consideration Suggested by: V2Blast Upvoted: 19 Feb, '20 Comments: 0

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