Include search bar and "Add Your Suggestion" button on every page

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In general, it should be as easy as possible to search for existing suggestions and add your own. As such, it would be great if the search bar and the "Add Your Suggestion" button beside it were displayed on every page of the board.

Basically, right now, the search bar and Add Your Suggestion button are only displayed on the main page of the board. After you search for something, or while you're viewing a particular suggestion, it seems to be impossible to search for something different or to add a new suggestion unless you navigate back to the board's main page. Especially when you have multiple suggestions you want to make, this just seems like a constant annoyance - a small one, but nevertheless one that seems easily solved.

If you add the search bar and the "Add Your Suggestion" beside it - visually, it could stay roughly where it is in the interface (except maybe above search results?) - into basically all other user-facing pages of the board, it would be a vast improvement.

Under consideration Suggested by: V2Blast Upvoted: 19 Feb, '20 Comments: 0

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